Boris Johnson and the Naughty Hellfire club

Welcome to the Naughty Hellfire

Never mind the Bullingdon club, the Naughty Hellfire is ten times more decadent and outrageous. You can be the richest person on the planet but you have to be one of a certain breeding and to have gone to either Eton or Rugby to be considered. Oik (George Osbourne) of course is the exception to the rule due to being chums with David Cameron and Teflon Boris Johnson.

Not even a place at Eton can guarantee you membership though. Ask Walter Softy or Jacob Rees-Mogg as he is commonly known, he has been literally blackballed numerous times. One for not being posh enough and secondly for being a oily tick who the likes of Cecil, Teflon, Dave, etc would have had bent over and used as a toast rack like William Pitt in Blackadder the third.

Yes, this is a club where privilege, champers, and a sense of entitlement exists. A club were the members believe they are there to rule whilst everyone else is their butler Wilf or Cheffie.

Nicking Policemen’s helmets, debagging oily ticks, and boorish behaviour is the norm. So long as you are posh of course as it’s just japes. If you’re poor then your a menace to society and need to be shown what’s what.

Of course Boris Johnson, David Cameron, and George Osborne don’t really belong to the Naughty Hellfire club where only cads and bounders need apply. However, such is their sense of entitlement and the belief the world revolves around them that it would not be a surprise. For them everything is champer’s, japes, and being part of a debating society scoring points.

If they ever find themselves in a sticky situation such as Jimmy the sticky insect being caught in a sticky bun then their butler (Wilf) will get them out of it.

The system as Simon Kuper recently wrote for the Financial Times is rigged. Going to Eton or Rugby means either a choice of Cambridge or Oxford. From there you can do pretty much what you want. From politics, banking or medicine if your that way inclined.

For the likes of Boris Johnson it is a world of walking around like Bertie Wooster indulging in the best and where everything is just a game.

Reading Kuper’s piece in the FT the impression one gets is that Oxford for the likes of Boris Johnson, Cameron, and Oik to name a few is one big debating society. It’s about getting the lofty positions of Student President where the cut of your jib is more important than doing the tiresome stuff of learning and working hard.

Entering politics for the likes of Boris Johnson is just another continuation of this big debating society. It’s also about ensuring the status quo and making sure that the inhabitants of the Naughty Hellfire remain on top.

By rights Boris Johnson shouldn’t be anywhere close to Downing street never mind being Prime Minister. This though is the era of the shite reaching the top. So you can lie your head off like Boris which led to him being sacked from the Times from fabricating a quote to being dismissed from the Tory front bench when he dismissed having an affair with journalist Petronella Wyatt as ‘complete balderdash,’ only for it to be confirmed by Petronella and her family.

Then there is the Brexit bus lie that leaving the EU would mean £350 million more pounds for the NHS.

Even if you put aside the lies there is the sheer laziness, incompetent, and crass remarks of Boris Johnson that would leave you without any doubt he is not fit for office. Comments that make Prince George of Blackadder the Third an intelligent, forward thinking speaker.

The clip from Youtube shows what would happen if you put Blackadder’s Prince George into the Thick of it.

It just doesn’t stop there as Boris Johnson’s gaffe whilst Foreign Secretary led to a British, Iranian national Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe being wrongly incarcerated for being a spy. Johnson had told a select committee that Nazanin was in Iran teaching journalism. Iranian officials saw this as evidence of someone encouraging others to overthrow the regime. Nazanin and her family have always maintained that she was in Iran visiting family.

Another crass remark was Johnson in a speech stating that Libya’s Sirte, could be the next Dubai ‘once they have cleared the dead bodies away.’

Boris Johnson in some respects is like Teflon as nothing seems to stick and he never gets burned. You can refer to women in Burqas looking like a post box and still no damage to his reputation.

Now that the Naughty Hellfire have got their feet back inside number ten they are intent in as causing as much mayhem as possible. Never mind the consequences of a no deal Brexit. Never mind that people may not get paid, security issues, shortages in essential items such as medicine, impact on businesses, freedom of movement, and the Irish backstop, Boris is going to do what he does best and try to bluster his way through.

The fact that there is no mandate for a new deal or that Johnson has not been elected by the public has not stopped him prorogue parliament by shutting it down. This in turn will allow him to push through a no deal and then call an election banking that it will be enough to secure a better majority in parliament.

Proroguing parliament has so far been underplayed in the media about the impact and implications that it has for the future. The last time anything of this note led to the English civil war and Cromwell shutting down parliament to become the Lord Protector.

Whatever your view is on Brexit there is no doubt it is undemocratic. To shut down parliament for your own agenda is precisely that. Does this also mean future government’s will do this to push through unpopular agendas?

Strictly speaking Johnson doesn’t have a mandate as he was not elected by the electorate but a few Tory members who still see a 1879 Britain. In some respects there are those that are intent for Britain to crash out without a deal. For some there is the financial gain whilst for others and perhaps both it is the ideological principles of Britain ‘being free from Europe.’

This has been something that has been attributed to Jacob Rees Mogg with Channel four’s dispatches in March stating Mogg was estimated to have made £7 million since the referendum result.

Dispatches also state that leading Brexiteer Crispin Odey was part of a hedge fund is betting £500 million against British businesses. Odey again according to Channel Four dispatches state he made £200 million again on the result of the referendum after the pound plummeted.

For the likes of Boris Johnson and his Hellfire chums they has no idea of what it is like to be poor or part of a vulnerable group in the UK. Some feel that it doesn’t matter about Brexit when your priority is putting food on the table, ensuring you have enough to warm the house, and put clothes on your children’s back.

Yet crashing out of Europe will have major implications. The after effects won’t be seen straight away but like a stone thrown across the river, the ripples will have an after effect. Employment rights, food hygiene, and the health service will in time have an affect. Especially if the NHS is privatised.

Part of voting for Brexit for some people was simply to stick two fingers up at the establishment. However it will still be the likes of Bozza and his ilk that will still retain control.

For them they will ensure the status quo remains intact. Everything is geared towards ensuring that they remain at the top. Indeed they believe that they are born to rule where the rules do not apply to them.

After all they belong to the Naughty Hellfire were they have fine wines, japes with all the mundane stuff done for them.


Author: Brian Benjamin

I love football and will watch any game. Writing is also a passion of mine and apart from writing about football I have also tried my hand at short stories in my spare time.

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