Get On this. The best under-rated bands to listen to

With the rise of the internet we are pretty much spoilt choice in terms of music.  Whether it’s Spotify, You Tube or even digital radio there are a plethora of bands and different genres for everyone’s tastes.

Nevertheless there are still some bands that deserve recognition and to be shared for those who might actually appreciate their music.  Below are a list of bands some of whom have split up or are still going.  All deserve a listen and who knows you too might be lucky enough to find something that you enjoyed and wished you had discovered earlier.

The Liminanas

Hailing from Perpignan, France this trio are a 1960’s psychedelic influenced band with other influences such as the Velvet Underground.   There is a certain European chic that makes the Liminanas sound unique.

The band’s first album Liminanas was released back in 2010.  This album is probably the more commercial sounding album but don’t let that put you off.  From the little hiss of the needle at the beginning of the ‘Darkside,’ you instantly feel as though you have just reached the bottom of a 1968 basement passing off as a rock club in Paris, with masses of people enjoying the vibe.  Other tracks worth a mention are ‘down under ground,’ and ‘Je Suis Une go-go girl,’ which has plenty of attitude.

Crystal Anis was released in 2012 but it is pretty hard to get hold of. Liminanas last album was in 2013 entitled ‘Costa Blanca.’  This is certainly a darker and definitely a more psychedelic album than their first.  There is an intensity and a driving force with each track as it builds up to a big climax which is certainly the case with the last track ‘Liverpool.’  Other tracks of note are ‘My Black Sabbath,’ ‘Alicante,’ and the fantastic use of the Wah Wah pedal in ‘Rosas,’ that I defy anyone who loves music not to enjoy.

The Liminanas ‘My Black Sabbath,’ live at Oui FM

Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci

Gorky’s were always on the verge of making breaking into the mainstream but sadly never did.  Indeed the Welsh band hold the dubious distinction of being the only group to have eight singles in the top seventy five without ever making the top forty.  The band released nine albums with ‘Barafundle,’ ‘Spanish Dance Troupe,’ ‘the Blue Trees,’ and ‘How I long to feel that summer in my heart,’ are probably the one’s that stand out.

Formed back in 1991 Gorky’s were a mix of folk and rock that gave them their own distinct sound that made them unique from the other British bands that came out at the time.  It’s a testimony to the band’s talent that their stuff still sounds as fresh now as it did back in the 1990’s unlike other Brit Pop bands of the era.

Gorky’s had the ability to pull at every bit of your emotions.  Whether it was a nice feel good relaxing tune such as ‘This summer has been good from the start,’ or the darker songs on Barafundle such as ‘Starmoonshine,’ or ‘Hallway,’ which is about death and ‘Sometimes the Father is the son,’ about having to grow up quickly, they are songs that tug at your soul that you cannot be helped but be moved by the bittersweet words.

Other tracks of note are ‘Faraway eyes,’ ‘Spanish Dance Troupe,’ and ‘Desolation Blues.’  Even the Brit Pop tune ‘Poodle rockin,’ (no doubt they probably got told to make a version of something like Country house,’ ironically when Brit Pop was on the slide) has a certain likeable naffness to it.  Nevertheless Gorky’s are a rich treat for your ears.

Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci ‘Spanish Dance Troupe,’

Bat For Lashes

Natasha Khan or as she is more commonly by her stage name ‘Bat For Lashes,’ is an artist who is highly rated by the critics.  However unlike other singers or bands Bat for lashes does live up to the hype.

There is a distinct haunting quality about Natasha’s voice that can capture a various range of emotions that pull at you.  Her first album was ‘fur and gold,’ but it’s ‘Two suns,’ that is a stunning album.  This was incidentally followed up by ‘Haunted Man,’ in 2012.  Tracks to try are Glass, ‘Sleep alone,’ & Daniel.  However each track on the albums are quality enough without feeling the to hit the fast forward button.

Bat for Lashes ‘Sleep alone,’ live at Glastonbury


The Last Internationale

Hailing from New York this is a band with plenty of energy, passion, and verve.  The guitars just growl and snarl with the band’s influence varying from rock, blues, folk, and even punk.  What makes this band stand out in particular is the vocalist Delila Paz has a strong and distinct voice that drives each song with passion and intensity.  Like Natasha Khan her voice makes you sit up and take notice just like Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin, and Grace Slick.  Add this to the guitar playing of Edgey Pires and the drummer Brad Wilks of Rage against the Machine makes the band that strikes a chord with you.

The songs are political which again makes them stand out from Nickelback and the whiny pop punk band Sum 41 with their bland ballads.

Although it isn’t clear as to when the band form some websites state 2013 but the band have been credited releasing the album ‘Choose your killer,’ in 2011, they are a band definitely worth taking a chance.  Their latest album ‘We will reign,’ was released last year with a couple of EP’s as well as the 2011 album.

Tracks to try are ‘Life, liberty, and the pursuit of Indian blood,’ ‘Moanin at midnight,’ ‘wanted man, ‘and ballad of a ‘yuppie liberal.’

Last Internationale ‘Life, liberty, and the pursuit of Indian blood,’ live on David Letterman

Joy Zipper

The chances are you probably have heard a Joy Zipper track either as a track on a FIFA game or background music in a advert or television drama.  Formed in the late 1990’s the married duo of Vincent Cafiso and Tabitha Tindale have produced some fine songs.

Named after Tabitha Tindale’s Mother their influences vary from the shoegazing movement to the West Coast sounds of America.  Either way there is a dreamy like quality sound to the music which is accentuated with the soft, mellow voice of Tabitha Tindale.

This compliments the bands style as the dark lyrics ( and they are very dark topics which cover death, loneliness, and suicide) give Joy Zipper that bitter sweet, unsettled edge to their music.

In total Joy Zipper have released four albums, the first ‘Joy Zipper,’ ‘American Whip,’ ‘the stereo and God,’ and the ‘Heartlight set.’  The best out of the four are ‘American Whip’ and the 2007 ‘Heartlight set.’  If you wish to sample a few of their tracks I would recommend ‘Out of the Sun,’ ‘2 dreams I had,’ ‘Go tell the world,’ ‘1,’ and ‘Christmas song.’

Joy Zipper ‘Out of the sun,’


Author: Brian Benjamin

I love football and will watch any game. Writing is also a passion of mine and apart from writing about football I have also tried my hand at short stories in my spare time.

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