The key moments of Game of Thrones (series one)

As the fourth series draws to a climatic end here are the key moments starting with series one. Below is the key for its impact.

The death of Jon Arryn

With the death of the King’s Hand (later found out to have been poisoned) Robert ventures up North to replace Jon Arryn with his old friend Ned Stark. After reluctantly agreeing he also agrees to betrothed his oldest daughter Sansa to Robert’s petulant son Joffrey as the family move down to Kings Landing.
There are also strange omens with rumours of the white walker’s roaming with Ned’s brother Benjen Stark missing from the night’s watch. On top of which a dead dire wolf is found after giving birth with each of the Stark children given a pup.
Poor old Brandon Stark is pushed by Jaime Lannister when he accidentally catches him at it with his sister Cersei who literally keep it in the family. Meanwhile the exiled and petulant Viserys Targaryen marries his sister Daenerys to Khal Drogo in return for the Dothraki warlord’s army. The game of Thrones begins!



King Robert’s death

Robert Baratheon comes a cropper against a Boer, although it might have been the wine that he was enthusiastically necking that did it. The kingdom is thrown into turmoil especially as Ned Stark discovers that Robert’s children are not his but the result of Cersei’s incestuous relationship with her brother Jaime. Despite giving Cersei notice she turns the tables on as Ned and has him arrested as a traitor.


Ned Stark is beheaded as war looms

Vary’s convinces Ned to plead guilty of treason and swear that Joffrey is the true King in order to save his family and the seven Kingdom being thrown into war. In return Ned is to be banished to the night’s watch on the wall. There is one small flaw in the plan. Namely that Joffrey is a sadistic, psychotic, bully who has Ned executed anyway. War is definitely on the way.

In the meantime Drogo has died due to a wound despite the help of black magic. In revenge, Daenerys burns the witch and steps into the fire with her dragon eggs. Once the fire subsides, Daenery’s is sat in the middle with the three dragons hatched.

psychoned S beheadedimagesZW5R8RDSimagesLGWNBWYVthunderstorm


poison = poison game_of_thrones_dire_wallpaper_by_chadski51-d4stzqz = dire wolves

Incest = keeping it in the family stock-illustration-15926320-cartoon-wedding-couple = wedding

imagesS3IIMPPM = fighting Boer untitled = a death

140087672323 = skeletons in the closet stupid_ned_stark_by_bangalore_monkey-d4soezy = Head in the lion’s mouth

psycho = psycho ned S beheaded = executed

imagesZW5R8RDS = Didn’t see that coming imagesLGWNBWYV = baby dragons

thunderstorm = war clouds















Author: Brian Benjamin

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