Who killed Joffrey? Game of Thrones


So who was it that done Joffrey? Was it Littlefinger, Olenna Tyrell, Tyrion, Tywin, or someone else lurking in the shadows?

Let’s face it Joffrey wasn’t short of enemies. After all bullying, humiliating, and torturing were his main hobbies, consequently there were no tears apart from Cersei when he breathed his last.

So let’s have a butcher’s as Ray Winstone’s spinning head would say on a certain betting advert.

Petyr Baelish aka ‘Littlefinger,’

At present there is no real motive as to why Littlefinger would whack Joffrey. After all he is was the Master of Coin and carries a lot of influence within the Court. However there is no denying that he arranged for Sansa to leave Kings Landing rather sharpish. Furthermore Littlefinger took no chances as he had Dontos killed to ensure his silence despite delivering Sansa as promised.

Whether Petyr Baelish  is responsible is debatable but there is suspicion in the manner in how he aided Sansa Stark, that indicates he could be an accomplish or knew of such a plot.

Prince Oberyn

From the moment that he first set eyes on Tyrion, Oberyn Martell makes it quite clear that he not only holds the Lannister’s responsible for the rape and murder of his sister Elia but despises them. ‘It’s not only the Lannister’s that pay their debts,’ He warns Tyrion.

To add more weight to the argument Oberyn is quite an expert in poisoning after studying in the subject. So it could be argued what better way than to get revenge by murdering a relation of the Lannister’s on what should be a happy family celebration of a wedding.

However it is probably unlikely that it is Oberyn. Firstly he seems to be the type that would openly smite his enemy rather than carrying out the shifty act of poisoning. Secondly and more importantly he has a cast iron alibi. Namely that he was too busy shagging in his mass orgies to have found the time. After all apart from attending the wedding, Oberyn has spent the rest of his time in the bedroom.

Olenna Tyrell

No doubt the Westeros bookies favourite. Wily, savvy, and politically clever Olenna certainly knows how to play the Game of Thrones. Furthermore would you really want your granddaughter marrying the sadist and psycho that was Joffrey? On top of this Olenna might believe that the throne is not safe with Joffrey as King. After all Joffrey’s brother Tommen now claims the throne. Olenna also knows that the throne is badly in need of money and still need to keep the Tyrell’s sweet. Getting rid of Joffrey would ensure that her Granddaughter Margaery’s life would not be miserable whilst still ensuring that a Tyrell still sat on the throne.

Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion has been the only one to openly stand up against his spoilt and petulant nephew. He did give him a slap and advised him that King’s were dropping dead like flies. Added to this was the threat he gave to Cersei ‘a day will come when you think you are safe and happy, and your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth.’

The thing is Tyrion is firmly proud and loyal to his family despite the battle with his sibling. He might think that Joffrey is an awful King and a despicable person but would stop short of kin slaying. On top of this Tyrion was fundamental in keeping Joffrey as King, as he helped thwart the invasion of Stannis Baratheon. To add further weight to his defence Tyrion is too smart to be still standing around the scene holding the cup that his nephew drank from. As he admitted to Pod he would have ensured that he wasn’t in a cell clasped in chains.

Varys or ‘The spider’

The stability and what is best for the seven Kingdoms is what drives Varys. The evidence of this is his conversations with Ned Stark and Tyrion in previous episodes.

Does Varys have faith in Joffrey being a wise and just ruler? Or does he think the recent victory against Stannis and the murder of Robb Stark will just paper over the cracks of a sadistic, despot of a King who might rival Aerys Targaryen in the cruel ruler’s stake? Maybe Varys is thinking of the long-term and that it won’t be long before the Kingdom is in upheaval once more and that it might be worth taking a punt on Joffrey’s much younger and more tolerant brother Tommen. Either way if you fancy an outside bet then maybe Varys is your man.

Cersei Lannister

Queen bitch she may be but as Tyrion observes she does love her children. Despite Joffrey being a little monster there is no way Cersei would murder her eldest son. After all Cersei was the only one that was blind to Joffrey’s faults.

Tywin Lannister

Ever the realist maybe Tywin believes that the throne under Joffrey would just be too unstable and would result in his Grandson being overthrown and consequently the Lannister’s losing their grip on the Iron Throne. Added to which it also rids him of his embarrassing son Tyrion.

Tywin it has to be said was pretty quick in grooming Joffrey’s successor Tommen by tutoring him in front of his hardly cold brother’s body that a wise King makes a good ruler.

Even so would Tywin really kill one of his own? After all Tywin seems pretty sure of his own ability to control Joffrey and seemed to be the real ruler behind the throne. It could also be argued that if Tywin was capable of slaying his own then Tyrion would have been killed at birth. As it was Tyrion was lucky to have been born a Lannister and was allowed to live.

The pigeon

Maybe people are looking into it too much and it may have been a big of piece of pigeon that did for Joffrey. Maybe it was just a nasty accident that happened to a cruel person. For now though Westeros believes it is the cruel and evil imp Tyrion that is responsible. Unfortunately for Tyrion he is up to his neck in it and he will need more than his wits to get himself out of this particular scrape.

Elsewhere in episode three, Arya and the Hound are still on their trek. An act of kindness by a farmer who puts the pair up for the night, results in the Hound duffing him up and taking his gold. Arya is furious but the Hound yells that they are weak and will soon be dead.

Jon Snow is advising the Black Watch that the wildlings are getting ready to attack Castle Black and to start preparing the defences. The Thenn’s are certainly not taking any prisoners. In fact after their recent massacre it appears that a barbecue is on hand rather taking captives.

Daenerys in the meantime watches Daario take part in a pissing competition on her behalf as she aims to set more slaves free. Either way there is a lot more to come in Game of Thrones.


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