Game of Thrones – Season 4


After the shock and horror of the Red Wedding it seems as though there is some sort of peace in Westeros. Tywin Lannister certainly seems to think so as he re-forges Ned Stark’s Valyrian sword and gives it to his son Jaime. Of course he expects Jaime to do his duty and go back to Casterly Rock and rule in his place.  Jaime though says no (no doubt he wants to be close to his sister) with Tywin not amused at being refused by his son and tells him to keep the sword as a ‘one handed man with no family needs all the help that he can get.’

’Kids, hey Tywin. There never what you hope them to be.

Poor old Tyrion is back in his Father’s shadows and equally there is nothing down for his love Shae. Not after one of Cersei’s servants overhears the pair.

Still despite Cersei giving Jaime the cold shoulder, he does seem to be getting closer to his brother as he discreetly arranges for Bronn to help train Jaime with his left hand. Bronn assures him that there is no chance of them being discovered as he shagged someone’s wife there and say’s ‘let me tell you she was a bit of a screamer.’

Sansa is still in shock over her family and is offered a piece of pigeon pie to cheer her up. Although she turned her nose up it may have brought a smile to her face in episode two.

Bran is still wandering about but has been having visions and taking over his wolf despite the obvious dangers of forgetting who is. However the three eyed crow tells him to head up North.  So decides to head up there with his crew.

The Martell’s of Dorne make their first appearance with Prince Oberyn visiting for Joffrey’s wedding. I quite like the Dornish in Martin’s books and Pedro Pascal who plays Oberyn doesn’t disappoint.  Strong and emotional characters, Dorne would actually be a place I would like to visit if it was real.  Apparently the wine is also good as well.

On top of which they are an open-minded lot in Dorne as Oberyn takes his pick of male and female prostitutes. Furthermore he’s not a fan of the Lannister’s after the murder and rape of his sister. When Tyrion welcomes him, Oberyn informs him that ‘it’s not only the Lannister’s that pay their debts.’

Back to the wall

‘You really ought to try crow.’ The cannibal Styr informs Ygritte as the Wildlings meet the Thenns. With friends like them who need enemies, especially when they might throw you on the fire and literally roast you. Anyhow if they take the wall there literally will be ‘a feast of crows.’

Jon Snow has found himself back on the wall as he confesses and explains why he broke his vows. Despite a couple of rumblings from Snow’s enemies he is believed as they get ready for the Wilding horde.

Part of me wants the Wildlings to succeed. They don’t bow the knee to anyone and everyone is equal. Maybe Jon Snow should have ditched his vows and helped them take Castle Black but as Ygritte say’s ‘you know nothing, Jon Snow.’

In the meantime Daenerys dragons are not only getting bigger but slightly tetchy and stroppy. If Daenerys isn’t careful and doesn’t show a firm hand to her children then they just might get a bit spoilt and we’ve all seen what happened to Joffrey.

Daenerys seems to have taken a shine to Daario but this this is quickly forgotten as they see crucified children as they march towards Meereen.  It is not the wisest of ideas for those responsible, especially as Daenerys has her dragons and has taken retribution in the past.

Ayra and the Hound

The most interesting relationship is the unlikely alliance with Ayra and the Hound. Despite the loathing Ayra has, the pair bond more through necessity. Despite the Hound being a psychopath I do like some of his qualities. For starters he’s honest that he’s a killer and doesn’t dress up that being a soldier is about killing people. None of this knight in white armour stuff with the Hound.

Anyhow Ayra manages to get some type of revenge as she kills Polliver who had murdered her injured friend Lommy. ‘Can you walk?’ Ayra reminds him as she reclaims her sword needle and brutally finishes him off.

Ramsey the sadist

Ramsey Snow continues his sadist streak by chasing and murdering a girl through the woods. As I’ve said in a previous blog, Martin has overdone it with Ramsey. Not only does he become a cardboard character but you become immune to his sadism.

There seems to be a certain theme with Martin in terms of Father/son relationships as Roose Bolton is not too impressed with his bastard son at breaking Theon. Maybe Tywin and Roose ought to meet up for a pint or two to discuss their children and take a break away from their dastardly plans.

Stannis plots

Back at Dragonstone, Stannis is brooding like a Read Madrid fan in trying to win that elusive tenth European Cup. Melisandre the Priestess of R’hllor along with Stannis’s wife Selyse act as though they are in a weird, mad cult by burning people in tribute to the Lord of Light. Davos is the only one who has a sane voice amongst the lust of madness.

The purple wedding

Finally, onto Joffrey and Margaery’s wedding. The Groom behaved like the petulant spoilt brat that he was as he done his best to humiliate and act like a prick throughout. Despite the awkward squirming of guests over the mock re-enactment of the battle of the five Kingdoms, Joffrey laps it. As per usual he comes second best when trying to mock his Uncle Tyrion so proceeds to try to humiliate him by pouring wine over him and making him his cup-bearer.

Thankfully for Tyrion who refuses to bend the knee, the pigeon pie is brought with Joffrey bravely cutting it to allow pigeons to fly out. After taking a mouthful, he seems to choke and it becomes obvious as he breathes his last that old Joffrey has been poisoned, probably by the wine rather than choking on a pigeon. Personally I thought Martin missed a trick as with all the sex in Game of Thrones, Joffrey should have choked on a poisoned sausage.

Anyhow poor old Margaery has lost another husband and is fast gaining a reputation as the black widow of Westeros. Tyrion’s luck takes a turn for the worst as he’s clasped in chains and accused of murdering his nephew. Never mind I’m sure Oberyn will be able to help him out.

Admittedly it has been a slow start to the series but it’s bubbling away nicely and it’s still one of the best things on TV especially as there will be more to come.


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