Indie authors & It’s a shame about Matt


 If there was ever a good time to be a wannabe writer, then that time is probably now.  Whereas before it would be a case of sending stuff out in the hope a literary agent will sign you, there is the internet and the chance to self publish.

This means that there is more choice out there if you’re willing to explore.  Some of it might be rubbish or you might discover a gem.  Either way you get a chance to hear someone’s voice and in many ways a raw story from the soul.  There is something more genuine as many Indie writers enjoy writing and yearn for their voice to be heard.

I myself I’m an Indie author having self-published through Create Space.  My book is called ‘It’s a shame about Matt.’ A story about a really rubbish psychic called Mystic Ozzy who in one of his séance genuinely makes contact with a real ghost. Matt has to convince Ozzy that he is real in order to pass on a message so that he can pass over the other side.

Below is a brief synopsis about the book but be warned there are spoilers.  If it interests you the book can be downloaded here

Or if you prefer the hard copy can be bought here

What is ‘It’s a shame about Matt,’ about?

Views on psychics are pretty much mixed.  Some people earnestly believe that there is a spirit world and these people have the talent to make contact.  So much so that they tell you the spiritualist disclosed stuff that they could not have possibly known.

Others like myself are shall we politely say are cynical of mediums and ghostly goings on.  In my opinion people want to believe that there is something after this life and in some cases, want to be reassured that their loved ones who have passed away are now at peace.

Some mediums may genuinely believe that they have ‘the gift,’ and some may be taking advantage by using various techniques such as cold reading.

Either way it formed a basis of a story as I wanted to write about a really bad psychic who does make contact with a real ghost but thinks he’s going mad.  The spirit needs him to pass a message on and subsequently has to convince the psychic that he is real.

There is a dark side to the story as I also wanted to discuss depression, suicide, and the after effects that this has on family and friends.  It’s not an easy or comfortable topic to read so the novel is a dark comedy so to speak, as Ray the psychic bungles from one disaster to the next with his outlandish messages causing outrage.

In one scene he accuses a member of the audience of being a Nazi in a previous life, whilst in another he informs them that their Uncle is really their Dad.

Matt on the other hand had been suffering from depression when he was alive.  Sadly it gnaws away at him so much so that he feels that he has no option but to take his life.

As anyone who has suffered from this illness, knows it is hard to shake off the dark feelings that have engulfed you.  Where there is no purpose to anything and you feel so numb.

Suicide causes a huge ripple amongst family and friends.  Not only do they have to deal with the sudden shock and cause of the death but there people blaming themselves. For example they should have seen the signs, why couldn’t they talk to me?  I should have been there for them.  The circle of questions goes on as each scenario is re-lived prior to their loved one’s death.

These are some of the feelings that Matt’s brother Dylan and his ex-girlfriend Natasha have after his death.  In some ways there will always be Matt’s ghost haunting them.

Matt wants Ray to pass on a message to Dylan and Natasha as to why he killed himself and for them not to blame themselves.  In many ways he wants to explain the low moods and what it felt like to wake up each day feeling no hope or taking any enjoyment in life itself.  To Matt that is for other people whilst misery and a feeling of nothing is all he has to look forward to.

As the depression gets worst Matt takes the extreme way out by hanging himself.  It is Dylan who finds him and blames himself for leaving him by himself whilst he goes to his girlfriend.

Natasha blames herself for pushing Matt over the edge as his depression sees her ending their relationship but feels she should have done more.

This does sound heavy so it was important to try to use humour through the crass actions of Ray’s inability as a psychic.  On top of this there are the exchanges between Ray and Matt.  The two are complete are opposites but build a strong relationship as they help each other towards their quests.

Ultimately though the aim of the story is to give a person an insight in what it is to be depressed. For the loved ones left behind it is also trying to explain their emotions and feelings as they try to come to terms.

If you want to read something dark and different with a twist of comedy then hopefully this book will be for you.

Incidentally there is a selection of short stories from a Lottery winner who tries to live in the fast lane with his young girlfriend to someone who fought in the International Brigade reminiscing.  For those of us that have worked in a customer service type role there is also a tale about an obnoxious customer getting their comeuppance!

So go on, give an Indie author a go!

B. Benjamin


Author: Brian Benjamin

I love football and will watch any game. Writing is also a passion of mine and apart from writing about football I have also tried my hand at short stories in my spare time.

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